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Kusanobabe05's complete fic list

Completed Fics:
Completed Fics: [last edited May 25, 2013]

NEWS Multi-chapter Fics

Title: Kei-chan's Surprise Orgy
Fandoms: NewS/KAT-TUN/K8
Pairings: Multiple
Rating: R

Kei-chan's Surprise Orgy ch.1 PG
Kei-chan's Surprise Orgy ch.2 A R
Kei-chan's Surprise Orgy ch.2 B R
Kei-chan's Surprise Orgy ch.3 A R
Kei-chan's Surprise Orgy ch.3 B R
Kei-chan's Surprise Orgy ch.4a 
Kei-chan's Surprise Orgy ch.4b
Kei-chan's Surprise Orgy ch.5a
Kei-chan's Surprise Orgy ch.5b
Kei-chan's Surprise Orgy ch.5c
Kei-chan's Surprise Orgy ch.5d

Title: One Last Wish
Fandoms: NewS/K8/One Ok Rock
Pairings: Multiple
Rating: PG 16

One Last Wish Ch.1 PG
One Last Wish Ch.2 PG13
One Last Wish Ch.3a PG13
One Last Wish Ch.3b PG13
One Last Wish Ch.4a PG13
One Last Wish Ch.4b PG13

Title: Parallel World
Fandom: NewS
Pairing: ryotego, koyashige, massupi, tegomass, ryouchi, nottipi, koyashigekusa
Rating: NC 17/R
Parallel World ch.1 R
Parallel World ch.2 R
Parallel World ch.2b R

Fic title: Ikujinashi
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: tegogakki, tegomass
Notes: my muse Tarryn who somehow still manages to inspire me.

Ch.1 When I see you smile
Ch.2 I will carry you
Ch.3 v.1 Right where you want me
Ch.3 v.2 Right where you want me
Ch.4 Everything I do
Ch.4b Like you'll never see me again
Ch.4c Completely
Ch.5 A thousand days
Ch.6 Marui Chikara
Ch.7 Heaven and Stars Above

Fic Title: To where you are
Fandom: NewS
Pairing: Nottipi
Notes: For Tarryn who has always been my inspiration since I first met her.

To where you are ch.1 take your sweet time
To where you are ch.2 because you live
To where you are ch.3 without you
To where you are ch.4 right here waiting
To where you are ch.5 touch
To where you are ch.6 because you loved me
To where you are ch.7 the way
To where you are ch.8 We Can Go Anywhere
To where you are ch.9 no one
To where you are ch.10 a lover's worst nightmare
To where you are ch.11 shiver
To where you are ch.12 blow your mind
To where you are ch.12.5 Shelter
To where you are ch.13 Shine
To where you are ch.14 Marry U
< br/>Title: Cherish
Fandom: NewS
Pairings: koyashige, ryopi, tegomass, nottipi, ryouchi, TaNaka
Rating: NC-17

Cherish Prologue PG
Cherish Ch.1 NC-17
Cherish Ch.2 NC-17
Cherish Ch.3 NC-17
Cherish Ch.4 NC-17
Cherish Ch.5 NC-17
Cherish Ch.6 NC-17
Cherish Ch.7 NC-17
Cherish Ch.8 NC-17
Cherish Ch.9a NC-17
Cherish Ch.9b NC-17
Cherish Ch.10 NC-17
Cherish Ch.11a NC-17
Cherish Ch.11b NC-17
Cherish Ch.12 NC-17
Cherish Ch.13 NC-17
Cherish Ch.14 NC-17
Cherish Ch.15 NC-17
Cherish Ch.16 NC-17
Cherish Ch.17 NC-17
Cherish Ch.18 NC-17
Cherish Ch.19 NC-17
Cherish Ch.20 NC-17
Cherish Ch.21 NC-17
Cherish Ch.22 NC-17
Cherish Ch.23 NC-17

Series Tile: Rainbow
Pairing: RyoPi
Fandom: NEWS
Notes: This is an angsty ryopi series written around ryopi solos and NEWS songs. Two best friends who share everything, separated when one finds himself trapped and alone because of his feelings. Who will make the first move? With the love one feels destroy their friendship or make it stronger?

Rainbow prologue Time
Rainbow Ch. 1 best friend
Rainbow Ch. 2 why is love so hard to find
Rainbow Ch. 3 Because You Live
Rainbow Ch. 4 code
Rainbow Ch. 5 Colorful
Rainbow Ch. 6 Sawarenai (Can’t Touch)
Rainbow Ch. 7 stereo
Rainbow Ch. 8 ordinary
Rainbow Ch. 9 Himawari (Sunflower)
Rainbow Ch. 10 Omofu Yoru Kimi (The Nights I Think Of You)
Rainbow Ch. 11 Share
Rainbow Ch. 12 Rainbow Final
Rainbow Epilogue- Show me that smile

KAT-TUN Multi-chapter Fics

Fic Title: You break it, You buy it
Fandom: KAT-TUN
Pairing: AKame
Notes: For Tarryn who loves Kame, because this fic has always been for her.

You break it prologue Why are we still friends
You break it prequel 1 Love or Like
You break it prequel 2 key of life
You break it ch.1 Here you come again
You break it ch.1.25 Something in common
You break it ch.1.5 A thousand days
You break it ch.2 Everytime you go away
You break it ch.3 Why don't you kiss him
You break it ch.4 Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
You break it ch.5.1 That Was Then
You break it ch.5.2 Right Back in the Water
You break it ch.5.3 That Was Then
You break it ch.6 Eternal
You break it ch.7 Marry U

Title: Pieces of me
Pairing: maruda
Fandom: KAT-TUN
Notes: AU fic. Slightly fluffy, Yuichi is a writer and Uebo is a pianist.

Pieces of me ch.1
Pieces of me ch.2
Pieces of me ch.3
Pieces of me ch.4
Pieces of me ch.5
Pieces of me ch.6
Pieces of me ch.7- final

Ya-Ya-Yah Fics

Title: Flying into the sunshine
Fandoms: Ya3
Pairings: yamabu, hikayo,
Rating: NC-17
ch.1a Two hearts in flight
ch.1b Two hearts in flight
ch.2 Flying into the sun
ch.3 Freefall

Title: Learning to Fly
Pairings: yamabu, one-sided hikayo, rumors of taisho, taion, hikatsuki
prequel Are you there God, Its me Yabu
ch.1 the hardest thing
ch.2 Broken wings
ch.3 Run To Me

Title: A Reason to Love Again
Pairings: yamabu, one-sided hikayo, rumors of taisho, taion, hikatsuki

ch.1 Taiyo no Namida
ch.2 Umbrella
ch.3 Heart's desire pt A
ch.3 Heart's desire pt B
ch.3 Heart's desire pt C
ch.4 Reon's wish comes true

Pocket full of Aces Fandoms: Ya3, HSJ
Pairing: hikabu, one sided yamabu and hikayo
Rating: PG

Pocket full of Aces Ch.1 Flame, Flame of Love PG
Pocket full of Aces Ch.2 Rain Dance PG
Pocket full of Aces Ch.3 Pocket full of regret PG
Pocket full of Aces Ch.4 Ai Nante PG

Crossover Multi-chapter Fics

Title: With Me
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, comedy
Pairing: massupi, daihika, yamabu, inoochii, takayama, and okajima
Fandoms: NewS, HSJ

With Me Ch.1 PG-13
With Me Ch.2 PG-13
With Me Ch.3 PG-13
With Me Ch.4 NC-17
With Me Ch.5 NC-17
With Me Ch.6 NC-17
With Me Ch.7 NC-17
With Me Ch.8 NC-17
With Me Ch.9 NC-17
With Me Ch.10 NC-17

Hey! Say! JUMP Multi-chapter Fics

Title: Bonds of time
Pairing: angsty yamajima friendship and yamachii
Rating: PG
Notes: for mtfanatic because it’s yamachii. This story is fictional, partially inspired by yamajima’s insistence on having been twins in a previous life and a weird vision/dream [product of overactive imagination I'm sure].

Bonds of time prologue
Bonds of time ch.1
Bonds of time ch.2
Bonds of time ch.3
Bonds of time ch.4
Bonds of time ch.5
Bonds of time ch.6
Bonds of time ch.7
Bonds of time ch.8
Bonds of time final

Title: How to kidnap Hey Say BEST-a Hey Say wives tale
Rating: TBA
Pairings: multiple
Notes: A random fic, not based in reality. Apologies to member-ai shippers out there but it was funny.

How to kidnap Hey Say BEST ch.1-The Plan
How to kidnap Hey Say BEST ch.2-BEST Hunting
How to kidnap Hey Say BEST ch.3- Surprise

Title: Jounetsu Jump
Pairing: dainoo, hikabu, yamachi, okajima and takakixshoon
Genre: au, fantasy
Notes: Present for daichanlove since she won the hsj-athon. She asked for dainoo and I had this picture in my head of Inoo the mermaid. Read for au cracktastic blending of Japan’s past and present; features supernatural creatures such as mermaids, gods and fairies/spirits.

Jounetsu Jump prologue
Jounetsu Jump ch.1
Jounetsu Jump ch.1b
Jounetsu Jump ch.2
Jounetsu Jump ch.3
Jounetsu Jump ch.4
Jounetsu Jump ch.5
Jounetsu Jump ch.6
Jounetsu Jump ch.7
Jounetsu Jump ch.8
Jounetsu Jump ch.9
Jounetsu Jump ch.10
Jounetsu Jump ch.11
Jounetsu Jump ch.12
Jounetsu JUMP ch.13
Jounetsu Jump Ch. 14- Final
Korean Multi chapter Fics

Titles: Please, Don't Go- & Best Place
Pairing: OnJong
Fandom: SHINee
Notes: For Tarryn the epic SHINee lover.

Please, Don't Go- OnJong
Best Place -OnJong

JE One-Shots

Rating: NC-17 for Taipi cursing and steamy shower naughtiness…
Fandom: Kisumai
Pairing: hirosuke
Notes: Based on the song by Kis-My-Ft2. Written for dritree because she is sick…


Title: A lie or not a lie that is the question....
Pairing: ?
Rating: PG
Genre: Crack?

A lie or not a lie

Title: JUMP Iron Chef
Pairing: InooxFOOD, implied yamajima
Rating: PG
Genre: Crack?

JUMP Iron Chef

Title: Wish Upon A Star
Fandom: NewS
Pairing: koyashige
Rating: NC 17

Wish Upon A Star NC-17

Title: 2 of Us
Fandom: JE, Ya-Ya-Yah, Kisumai.
Rating: PG
Notes: In response to x_flexy’s nikayou death fic. I wanted happy nikayou.

2 of Us nikayou

Title: Come To Me
Rating: PG-15, almost NC-17
Pairing: Nishikato, koyashige

Come To Me PG 15

Title: Everything I Have
Rating: PG-15
Pairing: koyashige

Everything I Have PG 15

Title: Baru’s Ultimate Fantasy

Rating: NC-17
Threesome: Subaru/Yassu/Ryo

Baru’s Ultimate Fantasy NC-17

Title: Invincible
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: ryouchi

Invincible PG 15

Title: The angel and the lost one
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Pairing: 1x2 (yamabu), implied 3x4 (OhkuraxUeda?)and 5xPo
Rating: NC-17

The angel and the lost one pt1
The angel and the lost one pt2

Title: Tears of the Heart
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: HSJ, yamajima

Tears of the Heart

Title: Heart’s home
Genre: angst, romance
Pairing: yamajima
Rating: pg

Heart’s home

Title: Yamada wants Chinen for a present
Fandom: HSJ/HS7
Rating: NC-17

Yamada wants Chinen for a present

Title: I could fall in love with you/Dreaming of you
Rating: pg
Pairing: yamachii

I could fall in love with you/Dreaming of you

Title: Never felt this way
Pairing: yamachii
Fandom: HSJ, HS7, NYC
Notes: I don't think I posted this, if I did gomen. Sorry all I'm writing is yamachii. I know it isn't a favorite pairing but it's all I have in me right now...

Never felt this way- yamachii

Title: Tegami to anata
Rating: G
Pairing: OTP of the month- yamajima
Fandom: HSJ, HS7
Notes: idk where this came,but it seemed cute? Yuto is a rabbit? The rabbit in the moon makes rice cakes? idk its my crazy mind and I don't understand it...

Tegami to anata- yamajima
Title: 1000 Miles Pairing: yamachii Fandom: HSJ, HS7 Notes: An old fic written for my Chii; Ryo misses you so much...angtsy yamachii I swear I posted ages ago; it never intended it to get this sad...
1000 Miles - yamachii

First Hsj-athon

Title: 5 times Yabu complains to Shoon about his band members.
#80 for the Hey Say JUMP-athon

HSJ-athon #80 NC-17

Title: Five ways to kidnap Hey! Say! 7 Hsj-athon how to kidnap hs7

HSJ-athon five ways to kidnap hsj G

Title: 5 times Yuto crashed One Punch Gospel filming + 1 time Yamada ditched

HSJ-athon #110 PG

Title: 5 times Yamada and Chinen fought for Yuto's love
#5 for the Hey Say JUMP-athon.

HSJ-athon #5 NC-17

Title: 5 times Yuto wrote HSJ fanfiction + 1 time JUMP found out
# 26 for the Hey Say JUMP-athon

HSJ-athon # 26 NC-17

Title: 5 times Ryutaro walked in on Yamajima. #34 for the Hey Say JUMP-athon

HSJ-athon #34 NC-17

HSJ-athon 2009 HSJ-athon list

Title: 5 times Chii made Ryo blush + 1 time Ryo made Chii blush
HSJ-athon # 26 NC-17

Title: 5 times Inoo was tempted to write fanfiction + 1 time he did
# PG


Title: 5 Times Yamada Spoiled Chinen
# 4. for the Chii-athon

Chii-athon PG

5 Times Chinen Kissed Someone
#68 for the Chii-athon

Chii-athon #64 PG

Title: 5 Times Chinen randomly ended up in Ryo's lap and 1 time that it was planned
#68 for the Chii-athon

Chii-athon #68 PG

Title: 5 Times Chinen Was Hit On and 1 Time He Returned The Favor
my own personal contribution to the Chii-athon.

Chii-athon mine PG

Completed Requests

Title: Sex and a stolen Wii for quinnsan
Fandom: Kat-tun, NewS
Pairing: junnotti- friendship, nottipi
Rating: NC-17

Sex and a stolen Wii NC-17

Title: Give me just one night for allboutpi
Rating: PG-15, almost NC-17
Pairing: ryoda and ninoxmasami

Give me just one night NC-17

Title: Just So You Know for rory-chan
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Nishikato

Just So You Know PG 13

Title: Really…truly…madly for Nana
Rating: PG – R
Fandoms: Kis-my-ft2
Pairing: Nikaido x O.C.

Really…truly…madly Ch.1 PG
Really…truly…madly Ch.2 R

Title: What’s Your Name
Title: Tell Her for keitogirl97
Rating: G
Pairing: Keito x oc
Fandom: HSJ

What’s Your Name and Tell Her G

Title: Flying Sakura for red-x
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: narusaku
Rating: NC-17

narusaku smut NC-17

Title: For okami niisan
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: sasuhina
Rating: PG-13

Title: Hikaru no Yume
Fandom: JE HSJ/Johnny's Juniors and Naruto

Pairings: Multiple Rating: NC-17 in places

je x naruto wtf NC-17

Title: One
Pairing: ryouchi
Fandoms: news and Kanjani8
Rating: PG
Notes: a fic for Tarryn. She choose the song and the pairing, I only wrote the story around her request.

one-ryouichi for Tarryn PG

Title: With Me
Pairing: massushoon
Fandoms: ya3, news, juniors
Notes: belated Massu birthday fic request for inocchixsho

massushoon fic for inocchixsho

Title: Eden
Pairing: yamachii
Fandom: hsj, h7
Rating: G
Notes: For Tarryn-hopefully a yamachii will make you smile.

yamachii for Tarryn PG

Title: You
Pairing: kamepi
Rating: PG
Notes: A fic for Tarryn hopefully this makes you smile

kamepi for Tarryn PG

aibaxsho for my Aiba

Title: Deep Night, thinking of you
Pairing: yamachii
Fandom: hsj, hs7
Rating: Pg-13 for implied sex
Notes: yamachii as promised for Tarryn. I hope this is as you asked. I did my best. It’s long but sweet…

Deep night kimi omou for Tarryn

Title: Endless Dream
Rating: PG
Pairing: yamachii
Notes: For Tarryn because she loves yamachii;

yamachii fic for Tarryn

Title: Bolero
Pairing: yamachii
Fandom: hsj, hs7
Notes: for my Chii...I hope this fic does the song justice.

yamachii fic for Tarryn

Title: Fly Away
Pairing: hikanotti
Genre: au
Fandoms: NewS, HSJ, Ya3
Notes: For my Chii…

hikanotti fic for my Chii

Title: It's You
Pairing: yamachii
Fandom: HS7, HS JUMP
Notes: For Tarryn, I hope this makes things better.

It's You- yamachii

Title: Too Shy
Pairing: inoobu
Fandom: HSJ, HSB
Notes: inoobu because I can? I know random inoobu. idkw... Wait! hotfruits likes Inoo so it must be for her?

Too shy- inoobu

Korean One-shots

Pairing: yoosu
Fandom: DBSK
Notes: for coke_pie221 because I felt like writing yoosu and she is the only shipper I know.
Warning: angst. death fic. Don't read if you don’t like.

angsty yoosu for coke_pie221

Title: Romantic
Pairing: 2min
Fandom: SHINee
Notes: for Tarryn, the epic SHINee fan.

2min fic for Tarryn

Title: Stand by U
Pairing: JongKey
Fandom: SHINee
Notes: For Tarryn the epic SHINee lover. Sorry its angstier then I wanted...

JongKey fic for Tarryn

Title: Stand by me
Pairing: OnKey
Fandom: SHINee
Notes: For Tarryn the epic SHINee lover

OnKey fic for Tarryn

Title: Haru Haru
Pairing: TOPJae
Fandom: Big Bang
Rating: PG
Notes: For Tarryn who introduced me to them…
Warning: angst. Death fic. Don't read if you don’t like.

TOPJae fic for Tarryn

Title: Forever or Never
Pairing: JongKey
Fandom: SHINee
Rating: PG?
Notes: Angsty sequel to Stand by U

JongKey fic for Tarryn

Title: Like Oxygen
Pairing: 2min
Fandom: SHINee
Notes: for Tarryn, the epic SHINee fan.

2min fic for Tarryn

Title: We Belong together
Fandom: Big Bang
Pairing: G. DragonxRi
Notes: For My Chii I hope its okay…

G. DragonxRi fic for Tarryn

Title: Love’s way
Pairing: JongKey
Fandom: SHINee
Notes: For Tarryn, the epic SHINee fan.

JongKey fic for Tarryn

Title: y SI Fuera Ella
Pairing: JongKey
Fandom: SHINee
Notes: For Tarryn, the epic SHINee fan.

JongKey fic for Tarryn

Title: Mirotic
Pairing: yoosu
Fandom: DBSK
Notes: Had to make a happy yoosu after Forever Love. Was promised to coke_pie221.

happy yoosu for coke_pie221

Title: Miracle
Pairing: KiHae, rumors of HeeChulxHanGang...
Rating: ?
Notes: First SuJu fic don’t kill me if it fails. This is one of mtfanatic’s favorite pairings...I hope I do it Justice…

Miracle- KiHae

Title: Bodyguard
Pairing: OnKey
Fandom: SHINee
Notes: For Tarryn the epic SHINee lover


Title: Time to...
Rating: PG-13?
Pairing: jaeho, implied yoosu, one-sided minho
Fandom: SM, DBSK
Notes: My take on ghost side of a mirror fic. The other half is supposed by my friend Rin...

Time to...-jaeho

Title: Haeng Bok
Pairing: Shihan
Fandom: SuJu, SuJu M,
Notes: For chiyakenyu, she requested Shihan...I tried to add wookiexheechul...I owe you a real fic for them...

Haeng Bok- Shihan

Title: My Everything
Pairing: mainly kangteuk with other pairings implied…
Rating: PG?
Notes: For my friend who adores Bummie and Teukie…I hope you don’t mind this fic. I was watching Super Show and it jumped out at me. Kangteuk 'wedding''s probably over done...but it's cute...

My Everything- kangteuk

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